and How Do You Understand?

My Take

In my case I see realities (realms if you like) as having different qualities. These are:

  1. Can be understood
  2. Cannot be understood.

But then you have a question regarding number one, which is; How can it be understood? I see the following as possible.

  1. Can be understood.
    1. Through revelation
    2. Through instruction or observation. That is, learned.

But then you have to add the following:

  1. Can be understood
    1. Through revelation
      1. Can be improved
      2. Cannot be improved
    2. Through instruction
      1. Can be improved
      2. Cannot be improved

What improvement means is, a subject can learn better. Either through revelation, instruction, or observation. 

Does This Apply to Us?

Yes, it does. Our reality, our specific universe is one where things can be understood, understood through instruction and observation, and where our understanding can be improved. Given that our reality is part of an infinite meta reality, there are places where things are different. Where things can not be understood in any way or form. Not the sort of place where beings such as us could even survive for long; for we have a need to know, a need to understand.

And Other Realms?

Now keep in mind that just because another existence works differently from ours does not mean it can not be understood, the understanding can’t be learned through teaching and observation, or the understanding can’t be improved. In short, there are realms where what people understand as magic is possible, can be understood, and that understanding can be improved. To put it another way, what they call mystical is not the same sort of mysticism as we understand it. And since magic is these realms can be understood as we understand things, this magic can, and will be, a scientific subject.

That is to say, it will be understood. Laws and theories will be devised covering how it works and what it can do. The theories will be falsifiable as the people of this reality learn better as to how their magic works, as will their laws. From our understanding, or understandings, of what magic is and how it works, what they call magic cannot be magic. While they would insist that what we call magic cannot be magic.

And all this is leading up to a wiki post over on Worlds of Adventure. But first I need to write it and get it posted. The title will be “The Magick of Aerth”

That Word You Keep Using


I’ve recently noticed a problem with how we use terms such as “infinite” and “finite”. In either case we assume either is something it cannot be. What am I talking about?

“Infinite” refers to that which has no limit, that which is unbounded. That means that anything infinite cannot have an end.

“Finite” refers to that which is bounded, which is limited. And that means that it will have an end.

You place any bounds on the infinite, it can no longer be infinite. Remove any bounds from the finite, and it stops being finite. But here’s the thing, making something that is finite only makes it larger. You cannot make the finite infinite simply by growing it.


What this means, in the first place, is that our universe can not be infinite. It began as a very small object, how small we’re guessing at, and over time it has just gotten bigger. But that’s all it is doing. It remains, bounded, finite. Incredibly large, but still finite. This means that any hypothesis that relies on an infinite universe fails. This includes such as quantum gravity; which either does not work, or does not work as we think it must

Our universe also has other limitations, such as in how things work. The truly infinite can have no limitations at all. In the truly infinite everything is possible, no matter how they make us uncomfortable.

So when most people talk about the infinite, what they are talking is a false, or pseudo, infinity. Some aspects may be infinite, but for an infinity to be a true infinity all aspects must be infinite.

Which brings us to the matter of the multiverse, that collection of other universes that may exist outside, or along side our own. But which multiverse are we talking about.

Are we talking about multiverses where things are the mechanics are different to one degree or another.

Or about multiverses where things occurred differently than they did here.

Or perhaps a mix of the two, where the mechanics differ, and event have occurred differently.

My Conclusion

Far as I can see, we are talking about all three. The first two cases are finite structures, because they have limitations. The third is a true infinity, for it incorporates the other multiverses of multiverses among the infinity of multiverses that make up the structure of the multiverse of multiverses.

What it comes down to is, nothing is impossible in the metauniverse, the multiverse of multiverses our multiverse exists in. And that last would include our universe. Thus in the metaverse nothing is forbidden. Indeed, insofar as a particular multiverse is infinite, nothing is forbidden there. The same thing applies to a truly infinite universe, but in a finite universe like I own, there will be limitations, and some things will be impossible.

But What About?

Universes and multiverses other than our own?

In so far as they exist in an infinite metaverse; conditions can, and will, vary from our own. Thus realms exist, can’t help but exist, that would make some people have serious meltdowns, and perhaps go into a catatonic state. Realms where everything has a spirit, or soul, and creatures exist that are nothing but spirit.

Realms where other forces exist than the four we know. Where there are such things as positive and negative gravity. Where the innate forces we know are replaced by living spirits we sometimes need to bargain with, should that spirit have the intelligence.

Even worse, there are universes and multiverses where a person can not understand them, in any way, or understood how we understand things.

And I now notice how this has gotten long. But I have more to be said, but I don’t want to overwhelm people. So next time I will post on what sort of realms are possible, and how they affect creatures such as us in, “And How Do You Understand?”

Suicide By Apathy

Anticipating Disappointment

it has occurred to me that the problem we have today is a persistent apathy. We’ve given up. The cops gave up courtesy and professionalism because people are mean to them, The poor and indigent have given up because government insists on treating them as worthless. Today I was declared a liar because I won’t be servile and act degraded.

And then we have ebola.

What’s happening in this country?

People are over reacting, and people won’t believe when the possibility it is here comes ujp.

Take Mr. Duncan, patient zero in the U.S. He goes to an emergency department and reports he has just come from Liberia in West Africa. What does the admittance nurse do?

Because he is a black man, he must be lying. That means he lied about coming from Liberia, so that news doesn’t need to be passed on.He is discharged, and winds up back in the hospital, worse than before. Just 8 days ago, as I type this, he has died, and apparently one of the nurses taking care of him now has ebola.

So now people are going to wake up and take people seriously, right?

No such luck

For we are a lazy, slothful, apathetic people who just won’t put forth any effort unless the fatality rate is just high enough. Here in California we have wagers regarding how many deaths there have to be before the California Department of Transportation will repair a problem on a state road. Not just overall, but how many during a month or a year.

So it will be with ebola. More travelers from West Africa will be deemed liars, more people will be exposed to ebola, and all too soon we will have many people with cases of ebola they got here in this country.


We will be overwhelmed, Out medical system will be swamped, and soon enough we will be setting those without the finances for care aside because we just can’t handle them. I am not sure of the contagion rate, but if it’s anything close of 99% or more, a fatality rate of just 50% will be a population lose of 150 million Americans.

It could be worse. It could be as much as 90%, and that means the U.S. will drop to a population of something like 30 million.World wide, a drop to about 700 million people.

Now keep in mind that our society and infrastructure needs people to keep things running and well maintained. Even with just a drop to 150 million that means a lot of things will go with out care and maintenance. Roads, buildings, industry, ports. Many other things. Maybe not as bad as Detroit or Cleveland, but you can expect every city, and even small towns, to have a good supply of abandoned buildings that will be squatted. Much as happened in places such as New York City or London, England. These squats will be a prime source for crime and anarchy, which means a collapse of civilization in many places, and possibly even the disintegration of the U.S and other nations as people rise in revolt, and governments prove inadequate to handle matters.

Now tell me again how history has ended.

And let us not forget all the other diseases now giving us problems, as well as the fanatics, ideologues, fussbudgets and control freaks now keeping us oppressed, or seeking to oppress us. Population collapse is coming, and we haven’t the smarts or the will to stop it.

Something Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

Doesn’t Everybody Know?

So far all the NFL players accused of sexual abuse have been black. Except for the latest, but I haven’t seen a picture of him yet. But I’m thinking he’s colored too, because negro men fit the story line. You know:

  • They’re black
  • They’re men
  • They’re young
  • They play football

Ipso facto; they engage in abuse.

All I really know is that one person, Ray Rice, slugged his then fiance once, on an elevator. One time does not constitute a history. Not in my book. My feeling is people jumped to an unwarranted conclusion because Mr. Rice is; black, young, male, and a football player. Just being black is enough to condemn him in the eyes of many.

As for the video showing him decking his then girlfriend?

According to reports the two had been fighting before the incident. And what I saw in that footage was an angry young woman, ready to bite nails, with her hands reaching out to do harm to her then boyfriends. She was pissed and ready to kill.

How do I know the woman was angry?

Because she looked like my mother was she was ready to eviscerate me.

So Ray reacted automatically, and she got punched. That does not mean he abused he all the time. Indeed, I suspect he found himself in the doghouse because of his actions, and he took a lot of pricey apologizing to get back in her good graces.

And what about before and after. An abusive man is not abusive just once, his abuse in consistent and constant. In addition, his wife doesn’t behave like an abuse wife, nor does her husband behave like n abuse husband. People are going to notice such things, and in today’s world most of their neighbors and friends will let the authorities know..

Does the NFL have a problem with abusive players? Very likely, but I rather doubt they are all black. Whites, Hispanics, other peoples are likely involved, and I can only consider our obsession with darkies and abuse to be distasteful, despicable, and downright racist.

Let’s try being honest here, and stop stereotyping one group.


The New Peril

Let’s be honest here, Ebola isn’t really that much of a threat. It’s been a few months since the latest out break and so far just 6,000 people have gotten, and only 3.000 of those have died.

That is, if you can trust the official reports. Could be double those numbers.

Still, it is taking a long time to spread and exterminate the West African Populations. What it comes down to is, it is hard to catch, and with good medical care you can survive it.

But, Ebola care is intensive and expensive. Countries in West Africa don’t have the resources we have here in America, and should the number of cases grow in this country we won’t be able to keep up the quality of care.

Then you have the fact that we have no real experience with Ebola. The first American case was released from emergency most likely because somebody there didn’t listen to the patient, and assumed the man was just another scrounger looking for a bed. The man in question is black. Everybody knows black people don’t travel, they don’t have the money. His claim of becoming sick in Liberia? A lie, because he was never in Liberia. Yes, there are people who think that way. So his claim was discounted and disregarded. Now we have a very sick man on our hands, and the virus may have spread to others in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Could it spread from there?

Quite Likely.

And don’t forget that others are coming back from West Africa, and some of them may have Ebola as well. It may be hard to catch, but you can catch it, and it is deadly. Given that it is new to us, people aren’t really equipped to handle it, or any reports from people claiming to have it.

My advice is, should anybody say he just came from some West African country and he’s feeling poorly, assume the worst and get him isolated and in treatment. Don’t let bigotry and stereotyping make you act like a fool.

Let us hope we can produce effective treatments, and make them available to the world. This is too important to let greed and discrimination ruin us. Be smart, think instead of reacting, and don’t assume.

Are Software Engineers Novices or Expert?

After working with a few programs on Windows machines, and trying to make sense of what instructions are available, I have this one request to ask…

Before anyone writes a set of instructions they must first take a class on teaching

Missing instructions, assuming the reader knows what you do. In short, not enough information.

It is said that novices make things complicated, while experts simplify things. Given how complicated all too many applications are, both in use and in their instructions, I have to ask; can we call any software engineers experts, or are they blatant novices without a single idea of how to explain things?

Isn’t it about time?

This is A Bleg

What do you do in a bleg?

You beg of course. In this case my main goal is to get glasses. Come Oct. I expect to have $25.00 in savings, but at the moment I believe I’ll need another $175.00 to cover the cost.


Because I have extreme myopia and bad astigmatism, and my current glasses are old. (When you can only read without your glasses with the print an inch from your eyes, that is bad vision.) So I’m hoping one or more good souls out there can find it in their bank accounts to help me out.

I’m aging, my glasses are already old enough for embalming. Help me, Mythusmage Opines readers, you’d make affording new glasses much easier.

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