You Want it How Soon?

At this moment we are hearing a lot about how we will support the fighting against ISIL, but through air strikes and not people on the ground. Once again we are certain we can win a war cheaply and quickly.

Got news for people, it don’t work that way. You can win a war quickly or cheaply, you can’t do both. We want a cheap victory, it will take time. We want a quick victory, it will cost; both lives, resources, and money.

Our problem is, we are underestimating ISIL, leaders and troops. We are dealing with fanatics, and fanatics are damned hard to persuade. Pinpricks don’t work, we need a lance wielded by a knight in 15th century plate from a Percheron moving at a trot.

We will have to deal out some serious pain.

That means more troops, more forward observers, more advisers, more support. It means re-opening air bases and naval bases in Iraq, and protecting them. That means boots on the ground.

Unless the Republicans royally fuck this opportunity up, and they could, the Democrats will lose the White House in 2016. In the meantime ISIL conquers Iraq and Syria, Turkey at the very least declares neutrality, Jordan asks for Israeli assistance, and Egypt may well offer assistance of their own to Israel.

Let’s face it, when Cthulhu is banging on your door, an alliance with Satan become possible.

So expect more news of woe out of the middle east. And expect our military to expand as ISIL is joined by even worse people.

The Harm of the San Diego Housing Commission

The San Diego Housing Commission is a fraud. They have not updated their lists of housing for years (not really), Should you look into renting a place from them, they won’t give you the phone number for the place (see here for the Third Council District). You can get numbers for tenants through a search, but not for management.

This makes finding low cost housing in San Diego harder than it needs to be, and can discourage people. So don’t trust the SDHC.

How The Government Can Save Money on Medicine and Food

A huge part of the cost to government regarding medicine and food is the paperwork. We have tons of paperwork with the medical and food programs because we need a huge bureaucracy to keep track of the things we’ve put in place to prevent fraud and crap like that. We have all this paperwork because our government is convinced those who need help with medicine and food are unreliable and need to be treated as criminals.

I say this is bigotry. I say this constitutes collective guilt, and that violates the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution’s, “Congress shall enact no law regarding the establishment of religion.” Further, it violates the admonition that a person shall be considered innocent until proven guilty under the American judicial system.

I say we replace government medical insurance and government food programs with cash stipends. I’m thinking a payment of $200 for each, to be used by recipients for, respectively, medical care and food.

I do expect people to waste the money they get for other things, but that’s their right. Not everybody is going to be sensible or use foresight. There are no laws that say you must be sensible or use foresight. The only thing that requires sensibility or foresight is sensibility and foresight. I say we let the fools be fools and stop trying to protect everybody from their foolishness.

You’re right, I am cruel. But I say it is even crueler to society as a whole to waste money on the useless when there are better, less costly, ways of doing it. Let’s stop trying to take responsibility for others behavior when they are capable of taking responsibility themselves. And when they can’t take responsibility let us have the courage to learn they can’t and place them in a situation where others can be responsible for them.

That’s my proposal, what’s your take?

Decriminalizing Mental Illness

For those who have not been hospitalized for a mental illness I have some bad news for you; should you ever be hospitalized you will, more than likely, be treated as a criminal.

The last time I was hospitalized (crisis situation), I was asked to sign a form promising I would not try to harm myself. Then I had to hand over my belt and my shoes so I couldn’t use the belt or the shoe laces to hang myself. They also restricted access to any sharp objects (plastic knives for example) so I couldn’t get myself. In other words, they called me a liar.

Others have lied to them, but not everybody lies. Since they are going to assume you are lying when you sign the no-harm to self or others form, why then do they insist on you signing it?

No, the assumption is, you are a bad person and you can’t be trusted. In this the mental health industry has criminalized mental illness, and they insist on lying about it. If one is going to insist that one is going to harm himself, then stop making him sign some meaningless scrap of paper.

And start treating mental illness as a disease, one in which the patient often can not be treated as a responsible person and needs to be placed under restrictions.

Mental illness constitutes a number of diseases and conditions which affect a person’s mental state. Being mentally ill is not a crime and doesn’t need to be treated as such. Let’s decriminalize mental illness and return it to the health profession where it belongs.

Pricing Yourself out of the Market

The fast food worker protest was a bust, wages remain low, while prices continue to rise. And this includes food prices despite what our government tells us.

What do I think is going to happen?

We’re going to see low wage workers priced out of the food market. Here’s my prognosis.

Independent grocers will either go out of business, or enter into cooperatives. For the most part those who go out of business will be replaced by chains such as WalMart Market and others.

Those stores that remain will switch to the high end customer. Prices will go up, and product quality will improve, all the better to attract the well to do. Even house brands will improve.

So those well have will still be able to buy food, but what about those with inadequate pay?


They will patronize food banks. Once a week those on minimum wage, or close to it, will go to a foodbank or other distribution center and receive one or more boxes of food. They want anything more, they’ll have to save for it.

I see it as likely that groceries will offer food distribution to their workers, and to certain elements in the community. In addition, grocers will use the money they earn selling to the well off to purchase foodstuffs to distribute to the not so well off.

This way the poor get food, and the well off get to feel superior.

What do you think?

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